Did you ever feel lost? Did you ever wonder how your single life affects the entire universe? 

Why we are here? What is our purpose? 

Have you ever doubted this reality? Why do we dream? 

Why do we have the need to ask questions? 

In these sessions we discuss these and similar topics, practice conscious & mindful living using self-love & kindness.

Thoughts Awareness

I realize that the thoughts I'm thinking and the words I'm saying, shape and create my reality. I choose thoughts deliberately and carefully.

Mindful Living

I stay aware and mindful of my thoughts, words, feelings and emotions, and can thus direct my actions the way I desire.

Energy & Visualization

I understand that everything is made of energy, vibrates and has frequency. I can visualize my energy field and direct my intention respectfully.

Emotions Awareness

I'm aware that any emotions I experience, be it positive, neutral or negative, directly affect my way of being  and showing up in this life.

Questioning Reality

I know I create my own reality, no matter what people around me say. I understand that I am the only thinker in my own mind.

Self Love

I accept myself exactly as I am, while I'm flexible and opened to change. I am kind to myself and treat myself with high respect. 

Belief & Affirmations

I realize that the habits I have created over the years created my believes, so I daily practice affirming the outcome I desire. 


I am aware of the significance of dreaming and pay attention to the guidance they offer. I realize I'm the dreamer of my dreams.

Breath Awareness

I fully realize my breath keeps my being alive. I breathe attentively knowing, it helps me relax, thrive and heal. I breathe in beauty & gratitude and I breathe out love.

Law Of Attraction

Where my attention goes, my energy flows. I attract what I imagine, which creates my reality. I pay close attention to  what I intend.

Time & Space

I am open to explore this life beyond time and space that this reality offers. My perception creates my reality. I am limitless, boundless.

Brain & Heart Coherence

I harmonize my thoughts, my feelings and my emotions. I create ideal environment and connect to the universal consciousness through love with ease.

Comfort Zone & Growth

I improve and grow most when I'm looking at life from other view points than I'm used to. I go outside of my comfort zone daily.

Other Lifetimes

I'm aware of  living in parallel in other life times and/or other dimensions. It is another way to see different perspective to help me learn about love.

Intuitive Ability

I trust my intuitive ability to guide me to people, places and situations that I need to experience.  I trust my intuition to also let go at the right time.

This class focuses on understanding, practicing and establishing new routines.