Tai Chi Workshop

Begins Friday, February 21, 2020 after 3PM (dinner served at 6PM)
Ends Sunday, February 23, 2020 at noon

There are two options to join this workshop;
a.) an onsite stay (or nearby)
b.) commute from your home

Option A. Onsite:

Includes accommodation (Fri & Sat night) and all meals
$360/person (2 people in the room $270/person)
Limited availability

Option B. Commute: 

Drive in each day ~ about 45 minutes from Denver
Lunch & dinner Saturday is included ~ $160/person

Saturday only participants are welcome

Preview retreat location at Meadow Creek B&B in Pine CO. 

The site does have decent WiFi and cell phone reception.

Click here for map and directions


Once onsite lodging is filled, alternate possibilities for off-site lodging include 

Arrowhead Manor (10 min) or Anchorage Farm (3 min) drive to the workshop.

Workshop agenda



Arrival - greeting the wooded nature & the accommodation for the weekend

Dinner at the main lodge, logistics and agenda

Tao - the way of nature

Yin and Yang

Comfort (thrive) & Discomfort (change)



Understanding stretching & alignment

 •Meditate at the fire

 •Intention setting 

 •Release what doesn't server you into the fire

 •Hold in mind what's important, bring it into your heart

Night of Drumming (beat, vibration, energy)

Ignite the inner joy. Play.



Breath techniques, relaxation & visualization 


Ground your Energy w intention to fully relax

Wake up routine 

(warm up, joints opening practice, stretching)

Tai Chi  practice - basics

Feeling energy, push hands practice


Free time (hike, hot tub soak, get massage and/or energy work, rest, play games)



Rewire your brain - video


Meditation & stretching

Evening of sound and vibration – Tibetan bowls – energy increase

Words have power – affirm exactly what you want to experience



Hot tub soak and warm up

Breath techniques, relaxation & visualization


5 Elements Qi Gong warm up & stretching

Joints opening practice

Tai Chi practice – go with the flow, be like water

Thank you


Heart and brain coherence - being in the state of emotional harmony 

Gratitude & Appreciation  ~ starting each day with grateful Heart

Intention setting ~ law of attraction 

Group lunch

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