About Us

Why choose Eclectic Ground

The team of our experienced instructors and practitioners is passionate about what we do and how we do. We strive to bring the most creative and relaxing atmosphere to our daily lives and thus to the lives of the students and clients. While we are all humans and come with our beautiful imperfections, we strive to always provide honest and outstanding service, regardless of the level of difficulty. 

We take time to provide as much information as is necessary to help the client or student to accomplish what they wish to improve.

We are happy to go above and beyond and trust that the learning or healing process unfolds in the most appropriate way. 

About the founder


Marek is committed to improve and enhance his overall skills and teach by an example to the best of his ability. He has studied martial arts since 2002 and has taught since 2006. Marek started his study of martial arts in London UK with Capoeira. Coming to the US he began studying Sorim Kung Fu where he obtained a black belt.

In 2007 he went to China to improve his Kung Fu and in addition learned Tai Chi and Qi Gong in the Wudang Mountains of China. There he studied with one of the well-known Taoist monks in Wudangshan, master Yuan Xiu Gang and also later with Wudang Tai Chi master Tseng Yun Xiang in Boulder Colorado.

Marek begun study of Wing Chun Kung Fu with master Keith Worfel in 2012 and had a unique opportunity to visit the Wing Chun Athletic Associacion in Hong Kong in 2016, where he met the grandmaster Ip Ching (a son of Ip Man) and was able to train and benefit from the incredible Wing Chun skill of many Ip Ching's students and masters.

Martial arts have become a part of Marek’s daily practice and he continues to find its principles in every part of his lifelong journey; Journey also very much dedicated to curiously exploring life through meditation, self-awareness and authentic living. 

Our Mission


 Eclectic Ground practitioners and clients benefit from the strength of a community, bonded together by common interests, curiosities and the opportunity to share space together.

We foresee a community of professionals who actively contribute to individual benefit and the greater good. We invite professional practitioners from a wide variety of fields to join Eclectic Ground.​

The students seek a level of communication, rigor, acceptance and encouragement to help them plan and achieve their goals and a community with whom they can share their interests and growth.

We also encourage the clients and students to truly look at their lives, take responsibility for their own daily habits (body, mind and soul) in order to deepen the growing and healing results. None other but we ourselves have the very control over our own development. Living with awareness and intention in mind, is encouraged at Eclectic Ground.

We believe that expertise can co-exist with humble curiosity. No one person is held up as a “guru”, since all members of our community are respected for their contributions. 


Who would I be if I had no one to tell me who I am?
Wayne Dyer 



"Whether you are new to martial arts or a seasoned practitioner, Eclectic Ground and its founder, Marek Chromik, offer an environment where you can explore, grow,  learn, and have fun - where you can leave stress and tension on the sidewalk, and enter into the joy of the present moment every time you come to class.  Marek is an amazing teacher with diverse skills and abundant patience. Best of all, his kind nature and encouragement help everyone shine."


"Marek is a sincere,conscientious instructor. He assesses your ability and knowledge level, and immediately begins instruction consistent with your ability. He is thorough and expects completion consistent with proper technique. Marek has studied the martial arts extensively, and his passion for the subject comes through in his instruction. You will have a much deeper appreciation for the martial arts if you make an effort to train with Marek."


 "We hired Marek to do a private self defense class for a small group of women. He did a great job showing us different ways to break holds and fight back. The moves we learned were pretty easy to remember, which will be helpful should we ever need to use them. He let us practice moves with him acting as the attacker, which gave us the chance to practice moves under circumstances that felt more "real". I would highly recommend his class." 


 “I totally love working with Marek, he’s a great instructor. He is so patient and willing to go over thing as many times as you need. He makes learning fun. I love watching him demonstrate the moves, he’s amazing.  He’s enthusiastic and very knowledgeable.


"Tai Chi is an advanced level of martial arts, and it must be taught the proper way. The instructor Marek has had formal training in this area and is very patient. Before class a topic is discussed briefly that helps both mind and body and the class ends in meditation. I highly recommend Eclectic Ground.


"I have been learning kickboxing with Marek for about 4 years. He is very patient and helpful. If you’re not getting the techniques of the different punches and kicks he is always willing to help you one on one to make sure you understand and also to make sure the techniques are correct."


"Marek is a great instructor. I took Tai Chi lessons from him for two years and learned the first 28 movements of Wudang Tai Chi form. I’m able to continue to do the entire 28 movement sequence because he has great instructional videos on his Facebook.  
Marek is also an extremely good martial arts instructor. He knows some self-defense techniques that my previous instructors weren’t even aware of. He provides a lot of individual instruction. I highly recommend that you take one of his classes while they are still small. When people learn what he’s able to teach, I think his classes will get very big. Take advantage of the situation now. I did."


 "This martial arts studio is excellent in every way. The facility is well-designed, functional and aesthetically pleasing.  Marek, the instructor, developed his superior martial arts skills through extensive study in China.  I have worked as a professional educator and evaluator in a variety of fields and settings, and I can attest to Marek's outstanding teaching skills.  He is exceptionally knowledgeable about the appropriate sequencing and scaffolding techniques to help students at every skill level.  He is able to adapt his methods to the learning style of the student. In addition to his professionalism, Marek is patient, friendly, kind and humorous. With extra perks such as drum circles and sound healing and meditation...the learning environment at Eclectic Ground Martial Arts is stimulating, warm and fun."  


" Marek is patient above all things with people who are learning at very different levels. I'm sure he doesn't realize it, but little by little the merits of Tai Chi are seeping into our consciousness and we are beginning to sense how this form of exercise can benefit us in the long term. He tells us how the moves are used, what their purpose is so that we can put it into perspective. Hopefully, we will be able to benefit from his teaching for a long time to come."


"Marek is patient and flexible. He easily adapts his instruction techniques to the different learning styles (some people require detail - others are more big picture) and the vastly different skill level of his students. He is also encouraging and provides the individual attention each student needs to take themselves a little farther each class. Overall, his class helps me mentally center."  


"Marek is my Tai Chi instructor, he is extremely patient and pays great attention to where we need the most help. I would love to be able to be as graceful as he is one day, but will settle for just being able to remember the movements. He offers good tips and advice to help us balance and keep moving."


I study Wing Chun and kickboxing, and attend the meditation and stretching class.The sessions are both energetic and relaxing, while we focus on the precision of the forms. Marek supplements that precise learning with applicability, coming in the form of repetitive mirroring and lite sparring. There is never a wrong question. Marek presents the information in formats that lend themselves to different learning styles. I would describe his delivery as calm and light-hearted. The adult environment is equally notable. My classmates are mature individuals, many with prior backgrounds in different martial disciplines. Our interactions are safe, we learn from one another, and Marek does a tremendous job of facilitating comradery. His attention to the adult demographic has added to my level of comfort and to a positive anticipation at making it to each class. Sometimes it's tough to get one's mind and spirit behind going to a physically and mentally taxing class - my point; I never have to talk myself into going because I'm always looking forward to it. It only takes a glance at Eclectic Ground's web site to understand that the program is not only about learning how to defend oneself but is about synthesizing Chinese martial arts into one's daily path. This is not the place for a quick-and-easy, systematic black belt intended only for physical self-defense. If, though, you want to understand your body, develop physically purposeful and mentally strategic tactics for defending yourself, and improve your personal focus and path, then Marek is a great partner to have as a guide.