This one hour Tibetan Bowls concert is a beautiful experience of sound and vibration healing and energetic alignment. It's hosted at Eclectic Ground Martial Arts and performed by Alicia Lochary.

Tibetan and Crystal bowls are tuned to musical notes that correspond to the different chakras of the body. The vibration these emit, helps restoring the balance of your energy. 

Bring a yoga mat, pillow and blanket for this relaxing night of heartwarming sound healing.

When and how much

 The next session has not been scheduled at this point.​
The cost for this one hour group session is $20. 

You can schedule a private Vibrational Healing session with Alicia at 720.308.3696


The Vibrational frequency of the body is very important to our health. Measured in hertz – a normal range for a healthy human body ranges from 62 - 68 hertz. Disease begins to invade our body at 58 hertz. 

Disease, simply put, is merely dis-ease in our body. By receiving a vibrational therapy session – using Tibetan or Crystal Bowls – it’s possible to raise the vibrational frequency of your body. When struck by the practitioner each bowl emits a soothing vibration that normalizes or even raises the frequency of our body  which can neutralize any dis-ease and allow the body to realign to its natural state of continuous healing.


Each bowl is tuned to a particular musical note and coincides with a certain chakra (energy center) of our body. Striking the bowls all together and in certain order creates a very high vibrational frequency that helps the body adjust to healthy vibration.

Every part of our body vibrates at a specific sound frequency. Each of the seven Chakras has a specific sound/vibration associated with it. Colors also vibrate at a specific frequency and each Chakra has a color associated with it. That is why the use of color and sound can return balance to our Chakras allowing the body to naturally align.​


Not only can low frequencies or vibration be the cause for physical illness, it can also cause a decrease of the spiritual energy centers in human’s body - known as chakras close off. According to yogic philosophy, when these energy centers get closed off, it affects the way we relate to others, our ability to find creative solutions and emotional stability. Opening these energy centers enables us to reach our full potential by gaining a greater capacity to see opportunities and possibilities that may otherwise elude us.